Nextgen Wireless Headphone Technology


Efficient low latency audio signal compression, which is crucial to wireless headphone user experience, must forgo traditional long block transforms and depends critically on accurate signal prediction capabilities. However, current techniques either ignore prediction altogether (e.g., Bluetooth's sub-band coding) or employ basic and limited prediction, at considerable cost in audio quality and/or battery life. Effective prediction of polyphonic audio is widely recognized as highly challenging and has, until now, resisted many attempts that employed conventional prediction techniques. InfoCoding Labs’ proprietary technology completely solves the problem with an optimal prediction solution that is tailored to polyphonic signals, and which is harnessed in a new generation of highly efficient low-delay audio codecs for wireless headphone applications:

  • At the high end enabling lossless audio transmission through a standard bluetooth connection.
  • For the mid-range, with lossy audio, it offers major quality improvement and extension of battery life.

Choose Audio Source
Low Bit-rate Demo (80 kbps/channel)
Default Bluetooth

Sub-band codec (SBC)

SNR: 20.0 dB

InfoCoding Labs Technology

SNR: 35.0 dB
Medium Bit-rate Demo (120 kbps/channel)
Default Bluetooth

Sub-band codec (SBC)

SNR: 43.8 dB

InfoCoding Labs Technology

SNR: 54.8 dB

Key Technology

At the heart of InfoCoding Labs' "nextgen" wireless headphone technology are its proprietary "cascaded long term prediction" (CLTP) filters. CLTP filters adapt to and separate the multiple periodic components of the polyphonic music signal, to ultimately achieve the optimal prediction of future signal samples which, in turn, enables the codec to fully exploit all temporal correlations in the signal and hence dramatically enhance the reconstructed audio quality and reduce bandwidth and energy requirements.

Other Applications Enabled

Beside the focus on nextgen low-latency compression benefits to the wireless headphone application, the technology itself is fundamental and applicable to a whole slew of application fields where low latency and high fidelity are required. A subset of very promising application fields include:

Hearing aids: The market of hearing aids that support Bluetooth music streaming is rapidly growing with big wireless headphone makers entering the market. This product is highly sensitive to both quality and battery life, where our proprietary technology can play a significant role.

Lossless music streaming: This market is growing significantly with support from multiple audio streaming services and multiple artists promoting it. Our proprietary technology can significantly reduce the bandwidth of lossless audio (by up to to a factor of 2) enabling wider service availability.

Cloud gaming: This market is still in its infancy but is being targeted by all the big players in gaming. Our proprietory technology enables ultra low-delay and very high quality (including up to lossless) audio, which is extremely critical for this application.

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